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James Campbell

Request for Proposal
ArtVille, Inc., Owner/Creative Director
Minneapolis, MN


  • Responsiveness

  • Professionalism

  • Knowledge

  • Efficiency

  • Value

  • Length of engagement

    24 months +
  • Budget



  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll processing
  • Payroll administration
  • Bill paying
  • Accounting software set up and management
  • Accounting training
  • Payroll services

Why did you hire Urban Ledger Inc?

Many years ago, when we were a young start-up company, we were in search of someone who could train us on how to use our new bookkeeping software. After asking our associates and clients, we ultimately met Cassandra Bartunek at Urban Ledger.

We started working together and since then, she has trained us, managed our payroll services and taxes, paid our sales taxes, migrated our bookkeeping service to an online platform, prepares our year-end reconciliations to send to out tax preparer, and helps us day-to-day with whatever bookkeeping challenges come up.

How did the company perform against your needs and expectations?

Cassandra is excellent. Honestly, I don't think we could run our business without her.

Our business and expertise is in marketing, design, and photo production, NOT bookkeeping, so we rely heavily onCassandra and Urban Ledger to help us with accounting-related services that require more extensive knowledge and experience, and Cassandra is always friendly, and thorough, and patient with our lack of experience and knowledge in those areas.

I HIGHLY-HIGHLY recommend Cassandra Bartunek and Urban Ledger.

How did the company perform against your needs and expectations?

Why did you select this answer?

Because they are GREAT!

Can you please explain the nature of the problem you hired Urban Ledger Inc to solve? What was the cost of the problem?

How many other service providers did you evaluate?

What was the ROI of the solution from Urban Ledger Inc

What would you improve about Urban Ledger Incs service